What Can I Add To Jiffy Cornbread

What Can I Add To Jiffy Cornbread. What you’ll need to make jiffy creamed corn cornbread: I cannot wait for you to try this recipe, it’s that good.

What Can I Do To Make Jiffy Cornbread More Moist? Recipe
What Can I Do To Make Jiffy Cornbread More Moist? Recipe from www.pinterest.com

**this recipe is very versatile, so you can add in just about any ingredient that you like, such as green onions, cheddar cheese, or jalapenos. What can i add to jiffy mix? Yes, jiffy corn muffin mix can be used to make cornbread.

I Prefer My Cornbread On The Sweet Side.

Naturally, adding more corn to the bread will enhance and strengthen the corn flavoring, while adding an egg will make the bread have an eggier flavor, and adding buttermilk will add a creamier taste than water. To make jiffy cornbread mix spicy: You can mix with melted butter.

I Love Thick Cornbread, So I.

You can also add a teaspoon of cayenne. With natural corn taste and nearly 1 ½ teaspoons of sugar in every serving, jiffy corn muffin mix is already sweet. What can i add to jiffy mix?

Boxed Jiffy Cornbread Mix Is A Great Base For Many Meals.

Not overly sweet, but with a hint of. I also add some vegetable oil to my batter for the added fat content, which pairs with the sour cream to help make the cornbread moist and tender. Add 1 tbs of oil.

Add In The 2 Boxes Of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix And Stir Until The Mix Is Just Wet.

What can i substitute for milk in jiffy cornbread? Add in 1 cup of sour cream when using 2 boxes of muffin mix. 1 box jiffy corn muffin mix.

One Egg (Two If Doubling The Recipe) Is Already Part Of The Standard Jiffy Recipe.

Brown sugar makes a heartier cornbread and adds a hint of molasses flavoring. To add texture and color to jiffy mix: Don’t worry, it doesn’t change the flavor too much, it simply enhances what’s already there.