Best Transmission Fluid For Allison 1000

Best Transmission Fluid For Allison 1000. Two gears, one residing inside the other. Allison approved synthetic fluids provide extended drain intervals and offer thermal and viscosity advantages over conventional petroleum based fluids, as well as other synthetic fluids.

Remanufactured Allison 1000 Transmissions Street Smart
Remanufactured Allison 1000 Transmissions Street Smart from

The least expensive source ive found is summit racing online for the mobile 1 fluid. The allison 1000 transmission oil pump is generally reliable, but begins to lose efficiency very early in life and it’s struggle to produce pressure quickly begins to scale as it ages. Read our table of duramax fluid capacities here at hot shot’s secret.

The Allison’s Central Pump Gears Work Similar To How Most Engine Oil Pumps Work;

Just whatever i can get at walmart, autozone, napa, oreilly, advance, atwoods or tractor supply. Drain and fill 5 & 6 speed allison 1000 & spin on 7.4 quarts. I am assuming the tranny has dexron vi in there now, but i am not for sure.

How Much Cooling Effect Will Occur From 195° Engine Coolant?

Many of us went to motor oil in the transfer case, synthetic 10w30 myself included as suggested by a few of the top transmission builders. Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon. What some refer to as a transmission fluid cooler in the radiator is a misnomer imo.

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4.8 out of 5 stars. The fluid needs to be synthetic, compatible with temperature fall if you’re living in a cold area, and most importantly, has to give you the best transmission experience. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission.

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What type fluid recommended for allison 1000 transmission. They are all compatible with dex vi. This new feature allows customers to maximize the life of the transmission fluid and filters.

Two Gears, One Residing Inside The Other.

We recommend castrol, transynd, and mobil fluid for allison 1000 transmission. Allison 29535617 oem replacement equipment automatic transmission fluid pan magnet for 29539579. Your under warranty, so tes 295 would be just fine, or maybe you better stick with dex 6 and change it every 30k.